Our Vision

ATX LED was founded in 2016 on the belief that there was a better way to do lighting and controls. Although lights have changed immensely over the last 140 years, the way that they are powered has not. 

Today’s LED lighting doesn’t need high-voltage AC, yet homes are still built with costly ROMEX wiring carrying 120 V throughout. We knew there was a more safe, efficient, and cost effective way to do this. Our answer is to convert the high-voltage input once, at the source.

By right-sizing the power carried throughout the home rather than converting it at each individual fixture, ATX LED’s system is easier  and safer to install, using lower gauge wiring. The constant current produces flicker-free lighting that can be smoothly dimmed from 0-100%. 

Built in compatibility with common smart home controls means that home owners can program their lighting to their personal preferences or to adapt throughout the day like natural light.

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