ATX LED’s complete system solution makes it easy for  home builders to install high-quality, full-featured LED lighting 
using low-voltage DC power.

ATX LED’s innovative solution includes all of the components needed for a full-home installation. By designing a complete lighting system that is right-sized for energy-efficient LEDs, ATX LED streamlines the installation process while providing higher quality, better performing, and more flexible lighting in new homes. 

By transforming the incoming 120 V AC power at the source, ATX LED’s innovative technology eliminates the need to run high-voltage ROMEX throughout the home. This results in signficant labor, schedule, and copper savings and creates a safer and more stable lighting system that finally realizes the true energy savings and long-life potential of LEDs. The direct connection to low-voltage DC means that lights ATX LED’s system run cooler and last longer. The constant-current connection also allows ATX LED’s true white and color-tunable lighting to feature smooth dimming and eliminate 100% of flickering, which leads to a better experience for end users. When combined with the ability to program light color to natural Circadian rhythms, this makes ATX LED’s lighting the healthiest home lighting available for new home construction. 

ATX LED’s entry-level system can be easily upgraded to the programmable version without any additional wiring or buildout. Home builders can offer their buyers the flexibility to take advantage of the latest in lighting technology at modest incremental cost increases at any time during the construction process. 

ATX LED Product Families


ATX LED offers wafer-style, recessed, strip, and Edison-style LED lights in fixed true white and color tunable options.  


Choose from standard dimmer switches or add WiFi or IEC 62348 compatibility.

Power Distribution

Power distribution products create the backbone of the ATX LED DC system.  We use redundant AC/DC power transformers in a centralized location to power the system.


In addition to the standard system components, ATX LED also offers a selection of products to enhance and extend your systems, as well as assist with the build out process.

Flexibility to Choose

ATX LED gives builders the ability to offer home buyers a simple and seamless upgrade path at any stage of the build process because no changes to wiring or other buildout are required. Simply choose lights and switches from the same line to create the optimal lighting experience.

 Value Line

The entry-level products in the Value Line offer a starting point for installing energy-efficient DC lighting, with a selection of fixed true white light colors and standard switches. 

Signature Line

The Signature Line is for customers who want a fully programmable system that integrates with common wireless smart home controls. Lights in the Signature Line can be color tuned to a wide range of colors and programmed to adjust throughout the day.