Reimagining Lighting

Electrical wiring in today’s homes are dramatically oversized for the low voltage requirements of LEDs. High voltage AC is carried throughout the home only to be converted at each fixture to the low-voltage DC that the lights actually need. The result is heat, reduction in bulb life, and problems with flickering and overall light quality.

ATX LED revolutionizes home lighting with an innovative system that converts incoming high voltage once, at the source. Builders can then use lower gauge wiring to carry the appropriate amount of current finally eliminating the need to run ROMEX throughout the home. The end result is easier installation and better performing lighting.

The Advantages of DC Lighting

With direct connection to low-voltage DC, lights in ATX LED’s system run cooler and last longer. The constant-current connection also allows ATX LED’s true white and color-tunable lighting to feature smooth dimming and eliminate 100% of flickering, which leads to a better experience for end users. When combined with the ability to program light color to natural Circadian rhythms, this makes ATX LED’s lighting the healthiest home lighting available for new home construction.

Low Voltage ATX LED 
DC Lighting

Power is converted once, at the source

Low voltage allows lower-gauge wiring 

Energy efficiency of LEDs is finally realized 

Fixtures truly last for 50,000+ hours

High Voltage
120 V AC Lighting

High voltage is converted at each fixture

Fixtures run hot and burn out quickly

Requires heavy gauge high-voltage wiring

Dimmer compatibility causes lights to flicker

ATX LED Provides the Highest Quality Light

Because ATX LED’s fixtures connect to a constant current, the quality issues often associated with LED lighting are eliminated. ATX LED lights have zero flickering and dim smoothly from 0-100%. With a CRI of 90 and the ability to program lighting to synchronize with your personal schedule or to adapt throughout the day to Circadian rhythms as natural light does, ATX LED lighting provides beautiful and healthiest lighting. Additionally, the direct connection to low-voltage DC means that ATX LED lights run cooler, saving energy and finally realizing the long-life potential of LEDs. 

ATX LED's Compete System Solution

ATX LED makes it easy for home builders by providing a complete system solution, including a range of LED light styles, switches, power distribution, and accessories like fans and USB wall outlets. ATX LED products are designed to use off-the-shelf hardware and low-gauge wiring, making installation of the full-home lighting system easier than ever before.


ATX LED offers three styles of LED lights in fixed true white and color tunable options.  


Choose from standard dimmer switches or add WiFi or IEC 62348 compatibility.


Power distribution products create the backbone of the ATX LED DC system.  We use redundant AC/DC power transformers in a centralized location to power the system.  


In addition to the standard system components, ATX LED also offers a selection of products to enhance and extend your systems, as well as assist with the build out process.